Lot Re-Selection Process:

The initial planning permit for stages 11 & 12 at Bridgefield has not been approved by Melton City Council, resulting in the submission of a new design for these stages.

As a result, the Plan of Subdivision which is referenced in the contract for these stages will change, and a number of affected purchasers will need to re-select their lot via a Deed of Variation.

For purchasers affected by the design changes, the Bridgefield Project Team has developed what it believes to be a fair and equitable lot re-selection process.

For all those affected purchasers, it is important to note that the Developer has committed to the following:

  • In the best interests of purchasers, the developer will honour the original price rate (as at date of initial purchaser deposit) and apply the original price rate to re-selected lots.
  • All original purchasers of a block within stages 11 & 12 at Bridgefield will have the opportunity to re-select a block using the Lot Re-Selection Process detailed below.

Step 1:

If you have been affected by the new design layout changes for Stages 11 & 12 you will be contacted by the Bridgefield Sales Team.

Step 2:

Affected purchasers will be informed of their right to reselect a lot in the new design layout at the same price rate as when they purchased their lot and in the same order in which they paid a deposit on their original lot.

Step 3:

You will be notified of your place in the re-selection queue and contacted to set an appointment to re-select your lot. A revised layout will be available on the Bridgefield website in "New Plans" section - http://bridgefieldliving.com.au/new-design-layout/new-plans

Step 4:

The "New Plans" section on the Bridgefield website will be updated daily (no later than 10am) during the re-selection appointments to show the remaining available lots for each stage. You will be required to review the available lots on the day of your re-selection appointment.

Step 5:

Your re-selection appointment takes place at the display suite and you will be requested to re-select a lot.
  a) Lot selected must be 'like-for-like' to the original lot purchased (see "what block can I select" below for more detailed information)
  b) Lot re-selected will be at the same price rate as at time of original purchase.

Step 6:

A Deed of Variation to your original contract will need to be signed confirming the new selection.

The lot re-selection process

Due to the extent of the design changes for stages 11 & 12 at Bridgefield, some purchasers will need to re-select their lot.

A number of purchasers within stages 11 & 12 are unaffected by the design changes, in this instance, these purchasers will not be required to sign a Deed of Variation and will not need to re-select a lot.

Where an exact like-for-like (size and location) block does not exist within the revised design, affected purchasers will be offered the opportunity to re-select a lot within the same stage or from a selection of available lots in stages 8-10.

The position within the queue will be determined by the order in which a purchaser paid a deposit on their lot (e.g. the 4th purchaser to select a lot within stage 8 will have the opportunity to select a lot immediately AFTER the 3rd purchaser within stage 8 and immediately BEFORE the 5th purchaser within stage 8).

What block can I re-select?

To ensure a fair and equitable lot re-selection process, there are a number of guidelines that affected purchasers must follow when re-selecting a lot.

• Purchasers must re-select a lot similar in size, or smaller, to their original lot
   - In the event that a purchaser chooses a smaller lot than the lot on which they originally signed a contract, they will benefit from the reduced price rate of that lot, as at the time of signed contract.

• Purchasers cannot re-select a block that is more than 10m2 larger than their original block
   - E.g. if your original block was 400m2, you cannot choose a 512m2 block
   - E.g. if your original block was 512m2, you can choose a 520m2 block

• Purchasers cannot re-select a block that has a park-frontage if their original block did not have a park-frontage

• Purchasers cannot re-select a block that is on a corner if their original block was not located on a corner

• Purchasers can only re-select a lot from the available lots shown on the website each day. Available lots will be in the current stage of your affected lot as well as a selection of lots in Stages 8-10.

When will I need to re-select my block?

As outlined within the re-selection process, affected purchasers will have the opportunity to re-select their block in the same order as which they originally paid a deposit on the block, which means that the process cannot move onto the next purchaser in the queue until each individual has made a decision (or opted out of the re-selection process).

Therefore, if a purchaser cannot attend their appointment in person, they will risk losing their spot in the queue. Please contact the sales team for any further concerns, particularly if you believe you will be away during the re-selection process.

When will I be able to see what blocks are available?

The developer will have the available lots visible on the website www.bridgefieldliving.com.au/new-plans, so purchasers can track what has been selected. The available lots will be refreshed each morning by no later than 10:00 am.