Design Changes Summary

Why was a design change for stages 11 and 12 required?

As part of its design approach the developer commissioned independent expert planning and heritage advice to inform its design of stages 11 & 12.

However, following extensive consultation with Melton City Council, the developer was informed that the initial designs submitted for Bridgefield stages 11 & 12 did not have sufficient regard for heritage protected rock walls located throughout the site and would not receive council approval.

Throughout the planning process the developer made every effort to work constructively with council to reach the best possible solution for affected residents.

As a result of this decision, the developer was required to submit revised plans for stages 11 & 12 to progress these, and future, stages. The developer has received sufficient feedback from council on the revised submitted designs for stages 11 & 12 to proceed with the Lot Re-Selection Process.

Stages 11 and 12 lot re-selection and construction timeline.

The timeline below outlines estimated key dates and milestones relating to the design changes for stages 11 & 12.