New Design Layout

Stages 11 and 12 Design Changes

This section of the website contains important information for purchasers affected by the amendments to the designs for stages 11 & 12 at Bridgefield.

Following extensive consultation with Melton City Council, the developer was informed the initial designs submitted for Bridgefield stages 11 & 12 did not have sufficient regard for heritage protected rock walls located throughout the site and would not receive council approval.

Throughout the planning process the developer made every effort to work constructively with council to reach the best possible solution for affected purchasers.

As a result of this decision, the developer was required to submit revised plans for stages 11 & 12 to progress these (and future) stages. The developer has recently received a sufficient level of detailed feedback from Melton City Council to allow it to commence with adopting the revised design layouts and also proceed with communicating these revisions to affected purchasers.

An amendment to the design of stages 11 & 12 means the Plan of Subdivision which is referenced in the contract for these stages will change, and a number of affected purchasers will need to re-select their lot via a Deed of Variation. For more detailed information on Lot Re-selection process - please see click

For all those affected purchasers, it is important to note that the Developer has committed to the following:

  • In the best interests of purchasers, the developer will honour the original price rate (as at date of initial purchaser deposit) and apply the original price rate to re-selected lots.
  • All affected purchasers of a block within stages 11 & 12 at Bridgefield will have the opportunity to re-select a block using the Lot Re-Selection Process

The links below also contain more detailed information for affected purchasers.